post1In today’ world, where time is very influential in project planning and iterative calculations. Prototype experiments charges time, money, accuracy and effort of many intellectuals. Simulations or computer aided design comes in to sort these thing up. ANSYS is one those tools which are currently used with a lot of applications which have significant impacts on our daily life.
Founded in 1970 by Dr. John A. Swanson as Swanson Analysis Systems, Inc. SASI. Its primary purpose was to develop and market finite element analysis software for structural physics that could simulate :

  •  Static (stationary)
  • Dynamic (moving)
  • Thermal (heat transfer) problems.

SASI developed its business in parallel with the growth in computer technology and engineering needs. The company grew by 10 percent to 20 percent each year, and in 1994 it was sold to TA Associates. The new owners took SASI’s leading software, called ANSYS®, as their flagship product and designated ANSYS, Inc. as the new company name.
Ansys (Analysis System) is a brilliant software used for very complex and crucial analysis which are playing vital roles in today’s engineering.
Basically it is an engineering simulation software. This special software has no parallel application that could stand beside it.
ANSYS has two major dimensions.
Simulation Technology:

  •  Structural Mechanics
  •  Multiphysics
  •  Fluid Dynamics
  •  Explicit Dynamics
  •  Electromagnetics
  •  Hydrodynamics (AQWA).

Workflow Technology:

  •  ANSYS Workbench Platform
  •  High-Performance Computing
  •  Geometry Interfaces
  •  Simulation Process & Data Management.

On this site we will publish some tutorial of different module of Ansys. Mainly they will be related to structural analysis, thermal analysis, problems related to computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and coupling of above mentioned modules. Other module will be included in our tutorial series by the time. We will also cover different techniques that may be used in optimizing your design. so stay in touch by subscribing.

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