in last post i described creating helical sweep using surface.
today i am going to tell you how to build a helical spring.if you have read my last post then it become so easy to make a helical spring.that’s why i tried to explain it in short.

1) open your proengineer program. select  file > new > solid part a new window will appear.
2) now click at   insert  >  helical sweep > portusion

step 3) , 4) are the same as mention in last post but i made some changes in step 5)

in this step i changed the profile path as you can see in pic.the curved line can be draw using tool spline tool. don’t forget to draw a center line.
when you done this click at “right” button.the program will ask you about pitch you may enter pitch according to your choice here i entered 20 as pitch value

step #6 after entering pitch the sketcher window will appear draw a section of your helical spring in this case i draw a circle of diameter 13 you may draw a line,rectangle or variable cross section .after drawing section just click at “right “button.
now all parameters have been defined  now click at ok button  as shown in this pic.

the program will create a spring like helical spring..

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