How to use revolve in ProE (Basic tutorial)

in this tutorial beginners can understand the revolving feature of start this open your program select new solid part.

now a window with planes will we have to draw a sketch to revolve.
here we start

select front plane and using sketch option draw a sketch as in the fig.don’t worry about dimensions.after drawing sketch draw a center line over Y-axis.

after sketching click at done button. in new window click at revolve button

some command line will open and program will ask you to select a reference. here the reference is a line about which our sketch has to move around. in this practice we will use that center line that we have draw in sketching.after selecting that line as reference program will show you a demo of your sketch as a revolved part. if you want to see how your part will look you may click at “glasses” button if your part is well according to you then
click at done revolving.

now your part will look like this.

note : you may draw sketch as you like but remember the conditions to revolve that is a reference line.

6 thoughts on “How to use revolve in ProE (Basic tutorial)

  1. Hi Waqas. I am impressed with your knowledge towards Mechanical CAD softwares. I have started learning Pro/E. Can you send me some good material to learn Pro/E prefectly?.

    Thank you

    1. hi Raj i am glad that to know your experience and right now i am preparing some tutorial which will be in detail for specific feature and i am sure you will learn a lot from them.

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