this is part that we have made in last tutorial

How to use pattern feature in ProE using Direction

now we are going to make it again but using fill feature.

the capabilities of both option is different and we will discuses it in future when we will get enough practical experience at ProE.
Lets start our work.
make same rectangle as you have made in last tutorial. 200 length , 100 width , make hole at specified location as in previous post.
now select the hole and click at pattern tool menu select the fill option

there you have to select the option as i have shown in above fig. when you click at “Define ” button program will let you in sketch mode and it will ask you to define plan…use “use previous” and program will let you enter in sketching mode…..
In sketching mode we have to draw the section in which we want to make pattern.

now as we have to make pattern as we did in last tutorial so here we draw a rectangle that start from the center of hole as i circled in fig.
after making rectangle for correct dimension just click at done button and program will automatically show the pattern of holes in our part.

now click at done button to complete tutorial

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