How to use Revolve feature in ProE

To understand the Revolve feature in ProE . Open your ProE.  Then open new part file and  name it as Revolve or any other as you like.
now select any plane (front, top, right) and click to sketch mode.
Now draw the following sketch.

NOTE: don’t forget to make a reference line.
because in next step program will ask about reference about which it revolve your sketch and this is very important.

well after completing your sketch click at done button so we may use Revolve feature.
when program  bring you out from sketcher mode then look for this symbol

now select your sketch and click at this revolve tool .
you will see this message in message area.

in this fig you can see that sheet option is active if you want that your part will be solid then select the option just at left side of sheet option (you can see a cube. this cube represent solid option)
you can also adjust, at how much angle your sketch is to be rotated, by changing angle.
after adjusting parameter according to your choice just click at right button and your part will be ready……..

now you may download this tutorial

Download / Read

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