Make a pattern using Dimension feature in Creo Parametric

lets start our exercise by opening Creo Elements /Pro formally Pro Engineer. I will suppose you have very basic knowladge befor starting this exercise.

First Make a rectangle of  100 x 50 dimension and extrude it Up the depth of 10 units.  depth diemension is not case sensitive. Your part after extrude should looks like this

Dimension pattern in creo elements1

now select the front surface of your solid plate and click on sketch button so you can sketch a feature for our exercise In sketching window sketch a circle near to the left width  of plate.

Dimension pattern in creo elements2

just click on done and than click on the extrude we want to extrude this circle in up to the height of 10 units.

Dimension pattern in creo elements3


Now select the new small cylinder that you just made above and clcik at the patteren button.  in patteren dashboard select “dimension” as a paterren feature. Before moving forward you can observe there are 3 dimensions assosiated with small cylinder

  1. Diameter
  2. distance from side
  3. height of small  cylinder
Now click at any of these dimension and than enter the  increment value that you want.Than press ctrl key hold it and select other dimension and enter increment or detriment and use same procedure for 3rd dimension.
Dimension pattern in creo elements4
Fig 4
in above fig i select all the dimensions that i want to patteren using above described method.after this i changed dimensions accordingly.see thi fig below for increment values.
Dimension pattern in creo elements5
after completing increment values now input  the number of members in pattern.i put 6  you can put any reasonable according to your dimensions.  in the pattern dashbord or any other number that you want to
Dimension pattern in creo elements1
Fig. 6
after completing above step now just click at done button and you done :) your part should be look like this if you follow my dimensions.
Dimension pattern in creo elements7

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