Hi friends today i will tell you  how can you use HOLE feature in ProE

after opening your program make a disk as shown below.you are not restricted to only make disk. you can create any kind of part on which you want to make hole.i use disk just for explanation

well after making this disk click at hole tool as shown in fig

To use this tool you have to select the surface ,on which you wanna make hole, .
or you can select the hole first and then click at that surface at which you wanna make hole.

in above pic you can see two green small rectangles and three white rectangles.
from white rectangles you can increase the depth of whole and change dia of whole using your mouse. if you want to change them for exact dimensions then you can use this controls for this feature

now come to green rectangles.
using these rectangles we have to select offset reference for our hole.

click at rectangle and hold it. now move your mouse to any plane. when your mouse reach at plane it will automatically highlighted at that moment just release the mouse button.green rectangle will turn into black it mean you have done it correctly….if not then do it again.
do the same for 2nd  rectangle but remember do not choose same plane for both rectangles.
when you done it correctly the hole feature will turn in to yellow this mean now it is ready to complete…..
now just click at done button so you may done your job…….

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