Fillet and chamfer in creo parametric can be created during the sketching process. The idea will remain same as we apply while using the chamfer and fillet tool outside the sketching.  Chamfer and filler have different options to be created in sketching. We will discuss both tools. Before going further we will sketch a square using center-rectangle tool. And make its side length to 100 units.


We will use this square for this tutorial. Another thing is common in both tools is that we need to select the sides making corners. We cannot select the opposite side for these tools. Both features will start and end at points where you will click on the sides. Means if you click at the middle of one side and at the center of other side then both centers will become end point and start point for chamfer and fillet. But you can always change the dimensions.

Fillet tool

In fillet tool we have four options to create fillet feature in sketch of this cad software. They are listed below. We will discuss each one by one.

  • Circular
  • Circular Trim
  • Elliptical
  • Elliptical Trim

fillet tool


This will make circular round at the corner. First select the circular option under fillet menu in sketching window. Then click at the one side and then at other side of square. This will create the circular filler or round at the corner of the square. Selected line will turn into green.  See from left to right in the following fig.

Circular Trim

This is same as circular option. The only difference is that it will cut the extra sketch while in circular option it remain as it is but it doesn’t contribute to our part. You can notice the trimmed sketched has been removed. Even you cannot see sketched lines.




The process of creating elliptical fillet is same as explained above. But in this option we have a choice to vary the selected lengths at sides. First select the option, and then click at one side and then click at other side of square. This will generate the elliptical fillet in your sketch.

elliptical fillet

 Elliptical Trim

Just combine the guide lines of circular trim and elliptical fillet and you will be able to understand the elliptical trim. You can refer to the fig below. The final part of the fillet tutorial can be seen at the end of this post.


Chamfer Tool

During sketching chamfer can be created in two ways. They are listed below.

  • Chamfer
  • Chamfer Trim

chamfer tool


For creating chamfers first select the chamfer feature under chamfer tool menu and then click at one side of corner, it will become green, and then click at the other side of the corner. This will create a chamfer according to your click locations on sides. You can see it in the fig below. Notice the reference of dimensions in the right fig.

Chamfer Trim

It is same as to create the chamfer. The only difference come in the word “ Trim”. It mean the sketch will be removed  at chamfered section as shown in fig below. You should compare above fig with the fig below.

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