tutorial of Pro/E Structural Analysis

Creo Paramatric

this file include

Pro/E Structural Analysis and Pro/E Thermal Analysis share a very similar approach. Most of the procedures presented in this tutorial, such as model creation, constraints definition and load specification, are also applicable to Thermal Analysis. In the integrated Pro/E Structure Analysis Module, the following analyses can be carried out: static, pre-stress, and buckling analyses, vibration and modal analyses, fatigue evaluation, contact problem solution. This manual book will guide you to learn about: Creation of Part CAD Model, Creating Geometric Model in Pro/E, Starting Pro/E Mechanica, Assigning Part Material, Adding Mechanical Constraints, Applying Workload, Creating Mesh Model for FEA, Static Structure Analysis, Defining the Static Analysis task, Starting Analysis, Analysis Results and Reports, Defining Result Windows, Evaluating the Results, Generating Analysis Report.

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