Understanding Pro/ENGINEER Concepts

Creo Paramatric
Module Overview
In this module, you will first learn about basic concepts and benefits of solid modeling using Pro/ENGINEER. You will then learn how complex models can be easily created using a combination of simple features. Parametric capabilities that are native to Pro/ENGINEER enable you to easily add design intent and make design changes. Associativity means that a change made to your solid model design will be automatically propagated to all referenced objects such as drawings, assemblies, and so on. You will also learn how a model-centric modeler enables downstream deliverables to be created with references to and driven by the design model.
Finally, you will learn how to recognize some of the basic file extensions used to identify different types of Pro/ENGINEER objects.
After successfully completing this module, you will be able to:
•  Understand solid modeling concepts.
•  Understand feature-based concepts.
•  Understand parametric concepts.
•  Understand associative concepts.
•  Understand model-centric concepts.
•  Recognize basic Pro/ENGINEER file extensions.                                                                                          Download Module 2 Understanding ProENGINEER Concepts.rar                                     

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