CFD Modeling of NACA-2415 Airfoil

Supervisor: Mr. Bilal Khan
Project Team: Rub Nawaz Khalid (ME3-2003), M. Farooq Haider (ME3-2006), Bushra Naz (ME3-2012), Adnan Mehmood (ME3-2014)


The Aerodynamic field offers excellent career opportunities for anyone who is related to Mechanical field and has the necessary educational background including extensive training the project on “Airfoil modeling and simulation” covers the modeling (Gambit) details, simulation procedure, measuring the coefficients and finding the lift, drag and moment on different Mach no and different Angle of Attacks.

Main Description

This is basically a theoretical project on CFD Software. The project has following three main phases,

  • Pre-processing which includes geometry creation and mashing by using GAMBIT software.
  • Solving by using FLUENT as solver we determined the required parameters like lift, drag and moments.
  • Post processing includes the interpretation of the results and comparison with reference results.

Block Diagram

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