Modal Analysis of a Composite Cantilever Beam

Supervisor: Dr M. Zubair Khan
Project Team: M. Usman Ahmad (ME3-2019), Hafiz Umair Khalid (ME3-2042), Usman Asghar (ME3-2053), M. Sohail Rao (ME3-2060)


Composite material like glass fiber reinforced plastics is extensively used in aerospace structures and has several commercial applications. Composite materials offer different mechanical properties in different directions due to their orthotropic nature. Aluminium ASTM2024 and Steel AISI304 have less tensile strength and high corrosion resistances.


Our objective is to replace the heavy materials steel AISI304 and Aluminium ASTM2024 with light weight composite material fiber glass. So, we have to compare the properties of fiber glass with Aluminium ASTM2024 and Steel AISI304, so, that one can come to know that fiber glass is better than Steel and Aluminium.

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