How to use Palette Tool in Creo Parametric

In Creo parametric we have some defined shapes, like star, polygons, beam section etc,  that are already ready to sketch. We just need to make few clicks to sketch them. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to sketch that shapes in creo parametric. Let’s start with Palette tool. Open this Cad software […]

understand Ellipse and Arc sketching in Creo Parametric

In this tutorial we will understand how we can sketch the arcs and Ellipse. Let’s start with Ellipse. The Ellipse Tool In Creo Parametric there are two ways to make an ellipse and they are as follow: Ends and axis Center and Axis Axis and Ends Ellipse First select axis and ends ellipse option then make […]

Understand Circle sketching tool

I have written about some basic tool of creo parametric. Last night I thought to wrote about some folks as many users  can have problems while using creo elements first time. that’s why I am going to post some very basic lessons of creo . so I am going to start with sketching  tools. In […]

How to Create Datum Points In Creo Parametric

Datum points are most commonly used for creating other datum entities, such as an axis, plane or curve. Datum points can also be used as sketcher references or for assembling two components into an assembly. We will cover different method to create datum point. First make a rectangle with width, length, depth of your choice. […]

Basic use of Datum plane in Creo Parametric

The main purpose of this tutorial is to show some basic use of datum plane feature in Creo Elements pro formally Pro Engineer.  IN my upcoming tutorial I might use them. Start your creo element and make a new solid part. After getting into main window click at the datum plane icon.  This will open […]

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