Aerosols Introduction and Detail

It is a system consisting of finely divided fluid or solid particles of dispersed in and which are surrounded by gas. In recent years aerosols have become well known products discharged from spray dispensers, and the term aerosol has, in popular speech also come to means the dispenser itself i.e. a pressurized container made of […]

Airfoil Introduction, Air flow Over Airfoil, Properties of Airfoil

The properties of airflow mainly depends upon 1)       The profile of the airfoil section and on 2)       The occurrences occurring at the boundary layer, it is basically a thin layer of air attached to a solid surface e.g.  We have an airfoil and the air is flowing over it, and which is distinguished from the […]

CFD Modeling of NACA-2415 Airfoil

Supervisor: Mr. Bilal KhanProject Team: Rub Nawaz Khalid (ME3-2003), M. Farooq Haider (ME3-2006), Bushra Naz (ME3-2012), Adnan Mehmood (ME3-2014) Introduction The Aerodynamic field offers excellent career opportunities for anyone who is related to Mechanical field and has the necessary educational background including extensive training the project on “Airfoil modeling and simulation” covers the modeling (Gambit) […]


In architecture and climate control, mechanical or forced ventilation is the use of powered equipment, e.g. fans and blowers, to move air.


wind is the most important thing in the universe which can be utilize to produce power. this figure shows that how can the power can be produced by using wind is the renewable form of the energy. and it is also environment friendly.

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