Composite Materials online Design and Analysis software

CADEC-ONLINE.COM R12  has been released. Inspired on the trustworthy CADEC that has been evolving since 1998, this new release is completely new, expanded functionality version now implemented on the Web. CADEC R12 is an online application that performs composite materials analysis.

It is structured to provide a user friendly computational engine for the analysis equations and methods described in the textbook Introduction to Composite Materials Design–Second Edition, CRC, 2010 CADEC-ONLINE  performs micromechanics for composites reinforced with unidirectional fibers, and random fibers, as well as plain weave, twill, and satin textile fabrics. Predicted properties include lamina moduli, strength values, CTE and moisture expansion, and more. Its laminate analysis capabilities are extensive, including stress, strain, and failure predictions, including first ply failure and last ply failure under mechanical, thermal, and moisture loads. The most advanced analysis formulas are implemented. For example, failure predictions include in situ effects.


One of its many unique features is the comprehensive analysis capabilities for laminated composite thin walled beams with general cross sections. Beams can be asymmetric and loaded by general combinations of forces in three planes (axial, vertical and horizontal) as well as by three moments (torque and two bending moments).


The software computes all the section properties including the shear center and so on. CADEC-ONLINE.COM features the latest IT technology, including object-oriented programming, database management, an advanced web interface, and more. For example, data integrity allows users to refine the properties of any object, such as fiber properties, and the software will automatically and transparently update all the dependent objects, such as laminas, laminates, and beam sections. A 30 day demo  subscription allows interested users to drive test the software. Faculty and students get a lifetime free subscription while commercial users can purchase a premium subscription.


This is the guest post submitted to Mechanical Engineering 360 by Ever Barbero.

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