huge Heavy Machinery the world best machinery (The Chain Trencher, aka Chainsaw Tank)

This seems as a battle weapon which is  used to fight, or a giant chainsaw with tank treads (which is same as what you would use to fight). Either way, we imagine it can push its way through gridlocked traffic in spectacular fashion.

What It Is:
Actually, this one is exactly what it looks like — a giant goddamn chainsaw with wheels. The chain trencher makes large gashes in the earth, usually used for laying pipe.

Vermeer, the company that manufactures the trencher shown above, makes models that can dig trenches up to 18 feet deep and four-feet wide, which is roughly the size of a fat giant.

which at its deepest can dig down 24 feet and as wide as 5 feet. This should give you a good foothold for building a subterranean lair.
Now, as terrifying as it looks, it can only go through dirt — it won’t help you cut through solid rock. No, for that you’d need.


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