Making your first part on Solidworks 2010

Today i will write about solid works.i will try to make same part both in Solid Works and in ProE.
this will clear the your basic concepts about CAD.
so come to the topic………
First of all you have to select 3D part modeling option so you can enter to sketch your part.

first select your plane and click at it so above options will appear here you have to select sketch option (you can see a pencil there)

now in sketch area construct a 6 sided polygon.

after creating this click at feature tab  and then click at extrude option.

when you click at this your part will looks like this.and you can change the extrude length by using arrows shown in fig.
just click at arrow and hold then move it to your desired length

now click at done option to complete the bolt head

now after making this just click at the either face of polygon again an option tab will apear in this tab click at sketching option

now we have to draw a circle right at the center of  this polygon. we can do it right from sketching options

draw a circle of dimension as shown in fig.

after making this you have to repeat same procedure to extrude this circle as you have used for polygon.control the length by using arrows or by entering the value…and here it is your first part in solid works 2010

Note:- i am writing this for beginners if you have any suggestions or any other idea to share than feel free to share with ME so every one can know about this.

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