“PTC Academy” a great step by Parametric Technology Corporation

Parametric Technology Corporation take a step as their competitors solid works has made a Website for educating the student as well as educators and all this is free.

Ttoday i got this site through search engine. I am not going to compare these sites now because both are good with the point of learning.One thing that i admire that ptc is providing a free educator or student licences after completing a project at Creo Elelments/Pro. While solidworks proving technical and financial aid at this point.

Here is what they say….

The PTC Education Program enables educators to obtain a site license of Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER) for their school.

Here at PTC/Academy you will find self-directed and self-paced tutorials to get you started using Creo Elements/Pro.

Complete the tutorial and submit your models to apply for online certification today

PTC Academy

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