The Walking Harvester, the Tree-Eating Robo-Spider

This thing will poach your nightmares with its horrible claw and fling them screaming back into your face. We expect that at any second, Ewoks will emerge and start throwing rocks at it. It looks like it should be guarding Dick Jones at OCP headquarters, ready to throw a goddamn tree at RoboCop’s head. Really, it looks like anything but a lumberjack.

What It Is:
A lumberjack, more or less. Existing logging machinery can’t get into every place that trees grow. The idea behind the Plustech/Timberjack walking harvester is that it can cross terrain that a machine with wheels or treads wouldn’t be able to and clear out trees like a giant green Jean-Claude Van Damme in a head-kicking contest.
Also, the harvester won’t tear up the ground around it like a track or wheel, making it about as environmentally conscious as a machine designed for eating a forest can be. Currently it’s only a prototype, and there aren’t any others in existence, but the benefits of walking technology almost guarantee it a place in future machinery, not just in forestry but in other applications, such as construction and the military.

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