world heaviest machines (The Rock Wheel, Circular Saw)

This seems like something The Shredder built which is used for robery, or a vehicle from a future world where the only currency is violence.

What It Is:
A rock wheel. It’s basically a giant circular saw on treads, and it’s used to cut trenches through concrete, asphalt and, you guessed it, solid rock. So really, robbing a bank still seems like a practical application.

Seriously, this has never been written into a movie before? Villain uses one of these to saw into Fort Knox and take all the gold? Hell, we’re surprised nobody has done that in real life.
We’re not saying the rock wheel will give you a better shot at taking over the world, we’re just saying we don’t understand the point of taking over the world if it doesn’t give you the opportunity to own things like this.

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3 thoughts on “world heaviest machines (The Rock Wheel, Circular Saw)

  1. If you discover a nearly worn out set of brushes and replace them before they go completely, you’ll get many hundreds more hours of use out of the tool. If, on the other hand, the brushes wear our completely before replacement, they can damage the motor irreparably.

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