About “Mechanical Engineering 360”

Mechanical Engineering 360 shortly ME, launched in November 2010, is an informative blog which publishes articles about Mechanical Engineering subjects like, Thermodynamics, Mechanics of material etc., CAD tutorials and tips (include all major software) , Project ideas and some other helping materials to make your Engineering life more easy and productive.

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About the Author

Hi Reader,

I am Waqas Ahmad a part-time blogger. I am a BZU student pursuing B.E Mechanical. I love technology and spend much time on internet, surfing constantly. Many  times I come across interesting ideas, concepts, inventions, innovations, creations etc., in the field of Engineering, so I thought why not to share this knowledge with others? There was no better medium than a blog!

That’s why I choose Mechanical Engineering 360 .

I will be really glad if the readers come out with suggestions and comments so that Mechanical Engineering 360 accomplishes more and moves forward with more reader friendly approach. Please be frank with your opinion. I always welcome both appreciation and criticism wholeheartedly. I would love to hear from you.

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