Part Modeling

Introduction Whenever you want to make a sketch either complex or simple in 3D space, you can intersection tool. This become handy tool for making complex sketch out of simple sketches. The principle of working of this tool is simple but sometime tricky. In intersection tool 2 sketches have to be drawn on different planes. […]

How to Use Ellipse and Spline tools in Creo Parametric Sketch

In this tutorial we will understand how we can sketch the Spline and Ellipse. Let’s start with Ellipse. The Ellipse Tool In Creo Parametric there are two ways to make an ellipse and they are as follow: Ends and axis Center and Axis Axis and Ends Ellipse First select axis and ends ellipse option then […]

How to Use of Offset tool in Creo Parametric Sketch

Offset tool in Creo Parametric sketch is used when you have to manipulate part / whole geometry. For demonstration purpose, First step is to make a square or rectangle which is prerequisite of this tutorial. length and width are taken as 100 units. Steps for creating offset select the offset tool from ribbon, a small […]

Completely Understand Extrude feature in Creo Parametric

Introduction An extrude feature is based on a two-dimensional sketch. It linearly extrudes a sketch perpendicular to the sketching plane to create or remove material. You can either select the sketch first then start the Extrude tool, or you can start the Extrude tool and then select the sketch.   Also we will use extrude […]

How to Use Fillet and Chamfer in Creo Parametric Sketch

In Creo Parametric Sketch fillet feature will create the rounded intersection between two non-parallel entities while Chamfer feature creates straight line at the intersection between the two non-parallel entities. There are four types of fillet and two types of Chamfer, that you can generate in sketching. these types are listed below and In this tutorial […]

How to Use Circle and Arc tool in Creo Parametric sketch

In this tutorial we will learn the basic use of Circle and Arc tool in creo parametric sketching. First we will cover Circle tool and then we will cover Arc tool. Circle Sketching Tool In this exercise we will learn, how can we sketch circle with different methods in Creo Parametric. Before moving forward I […]

How to Use Line and Rectangle tool in Creo parametric Sketch

In this tutorial we will learn the use of line and rectangle tool in creo parametric sketching. This tutorial will explain the basics of these two tools and will make able able to draw the objects for other tutorials. First we will cover line tool and then we will cover rectangle tool. Line Tool At […]

Make Relation between dimensions in Creo Parametric sketch

Relations become handy when you have to make some sketch in which the dimensions are related to each other with some function even as simple as x=2y. Once relation is created, all dimensions of sketch(s) can be change by changing just one dimension (at least). The procedure of making relation in sketching is simple. First […]

How to use Constraints in Creo Parametric Sketch

Constraints in creo parametric is a set of useful tools when it comes out to make some conditional or restrictive sketching. Although Creo parametric offers constraints during sketching but manual constraint become useful when we have to make some complex geometry. There are total nine (9) types of constraints which are listed, with there expected […]