Engine Performance Parameters

Every one of you know how many different engine have been invented but all these engines have some very basic parameters to measure their efficiency regardless they type. some of them i have listed here Indicated thermal efficiency It is the ratio of enegry in indicated power to the input fuel energy its formula is […]

Types of Mechanical Power Tranmission Devices

Mechanical transmission devices are the basic devices which are used in every machine to transfer power from one part of machine to another part of the machine. By using different kind of mechanisms and motions we can use these devices effectively. These mechanisms are used parallel and the motion is transferred. There are several combinations […]

Comparison Of Hybrid and Simple Gasoline Technology

Parts Of the Hybrid and Normal Car Hybrid Car: Gasoline Engine: Comment please if you like this post… and if any one need any other book or topic detail do contact with me on this email id…… ruqiasultana2001@gmail.com  

Working Of Differential Gear

Working of Differential Gear: The differential has three jobs:   •To aim the engine power at the wheels •To act as the final gear reduction in the vehicle, slowing the rotational speed of the transmission one final time before it hits the wheels •To transmit the power to the wheels while allowing them to rotate […]

Car Engine Components

Study of the engine (petrol engine, diesel engine, rotary engine, stirling engine) is very important in Mechanical Engineering. It has a complete cource named as “IC ENGINES” which the student normally study in BSc Mechanical engineering in 6th or 7th semester.These are the some pictures which explains you the Working of Engine and Its Different […]

Working Of A Car Engine

How a Car Engine WorksA gasoline engine operates on the principle of combustion. A fuel/air mixture is pulled into a cylinder, the cylinder is then closed off and the piston is thrust upward to create compression. A spark is introduced to ignite the mixture to create combustion to thrust the piston downward in the engine […]

2 Stroke Diesel Engine

The Two-Stroke CycleLike the four-stroke engine, the two-stroke engine must go through the same four events: intake, compression, power, and exhaust. But a two-stroke engine requires only two strokes of the piston to complete one full cycle. Therefore, it requires only one rotation of the crankshaft to complete a cycle. This means several events must […]

Governers Used in Cars and Different Other Things

Fig 28 simplified Mechanical-Hydraulic Governor Diesel engine speed is controlled solely by the amount of fuel injected into the engine by the injectors. Because a diesel engine is not self-speed-limiting, it requires not only a means of changing engine speed (throttle control) but also a means of maintaining the desired speed. The governor provides the […]


Mechanical engineering is the best engineering and it is also very interesting. Man plays with machines in this engineering Mechanical Engineering is the Best EngineeringMechanical engineering is an engineering discipline that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering that […]

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