Datum planes are individual features that can be redefined, suppressed, hidden, or deleted. A datum plane is a planar reference that has no mass. It is infinite in size, but its display size can be edited to visually fit a part, feature, surface, edge, axis, or radius. You can also drag its drag handle. A datum plane has two sides that display brown and grey. The front, or brown side, is considered to be positive, while the back, or gray side, is considered to be negative.

The RIGHT, FRONT, and TOP datum planes included in all the default templates are known as the default datum planes. Every feature is directly or indirectly created off of these datum planes. A datum plane can be used as construction geometry for a feature. It can also be used as a reference for

  • Assembling components
  • Other features such as sketches on an angle
  • Other datum features such as datum axes

Here is a simple method for creating the datum plane

1)      Create a new Part file and name it as Datum

2)      For the sake of practice select the front plane  and click at plane.Or you may do it in reverse

order you can select the plane  option then select the front plane.

3)      When you do 2nd step a new dialog box will open as shown in following fig

The offset option will enable you to create a plane that is referenced to the selected plane (in this case it is front plane) and at a specified distance apart. In the above fig you can see I am creating plane that is 70 units far from front plane. You can change the placement of plane by making the distance negative (-70) .

Second thing that you can do by clicking at the word “offset” so it turn in to a box.Now if you click at the drop down box you will see four types of datum plans that you can create

  1. Offset
  2. Through
  3. Parallel
  4. Normal

The example shown above is for offset type.

“Through” option will enable to create datum plane by using any of one of these

  • Point
  • axis/Edge/Curve
  • Cylinder

using ” Parallel” option you can create a datum plane by selecting a plane

In “Normal” option you can create plane by using

  • axis
  • edge
  • plane
  • curve

The Method of creating these datum planes will be updated in the tutorial that i will make.

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  1. vishal varpe Avatar
    vishal varpe

    how to create the plane for selecting views like front view ,side view ,top view for drawing sketches

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