This a very short tip that i am writing but i am sure it will be very help full for the beginner.It is necessary to adjust the dimensions of your sketch to give it a final touch.Some used calculated dimensions and make exact sketch this will increase the time for their design.

This thing can be made easy just draw your sketch and after making than modify all the dimension at the end.

lets start tip

open your Creo Elements pro software and after selecting the datum plan go into the sketching window by clicking sketch tool

now for the sake of exercise draw the following sketch


Now select all the lines or complete sketch using  left button of your mouse.just like you select the the text to copy/paste.The selected lines will turn into red indicating that they have selected for further operation. Now click at the Modify button as shown in fig

after clicking at this a new dialog box will open

In this box as you can see all the dimension can be changed but remember that it only implies for selected ones.

In above box you can see two check boxes

1) Regenerate     2)  Lock scale

when checked , Regenerate will allow you to see live changes that you made and lock scale will change all the dimension even when you change the only one.

Now come to the delete segment tool

it is very useful while drawing  complected sketch.

select the tool and press left button of mouse and pass over the line/section  that you want to remove  from the will delete all that line without affecting the sketch

Enjoy cadding………


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