Last time I posted assembly tutorial for Displacer of striling engine. Today I am going to explain the Piston assembly. First thing  you can observe that I use default constrains for the first part like displacer in earlier post and piston in this tutorial.

The reason is that I am giving instruction to CAD software about relative motion between those specific parts. Piston can translate with in the cylinder while connecting rod rotate about its axis. So if we assume the linear motion of piston is Zero than we can simplify the motion of connecting rod to just rotation.

You can take a test with it. While placing piston you don’t make any constraint and then complete assembly according to guide lines. After completing it try to use “drag” tool to check if your connecting rod working fine or not.

In piston assembly the things are not new as it is most likely to displacer assembly. But still I made this so you should never have any doubt.The files that are need in this tutorial are linked below you can download it.





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