Today we will complete our Engine by assembling the different sub-assemblies that we already have made. Those were Engine Body assembly, Piston Assembly, Displacer Assembly. In this tutorial we will use “cylinder” and “pin” constraint for our specific parts.

Piston and displacer as the motion of both is sliding while they can also rotate about their axis so we will chose “Cylinder” constraint for assembling these sub-assemblies. One thing you may notice in the video that Although when I apply constraint to piston or displacer  Creo shows  a massage “fully constraint ” but this is not sufficient for us as we still have to make connections between connecting rod and crank. That’s why we have to create more set of constraint.

Connecting rods, that already have a pin joint with displacer and piston, will have a constraint of cylinder at crank. It is just a relative motion method that I used.

Don’t forget to save your assembly as we will study the mechanism at this assembly.  Some files that you will need in this tutorial can be downloaded. The link is at the end of post. Hope you will enjoy while playing this cad software.

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