last night i was thinking that i am posting tutorial very late.the reason is that i was trying to make the video of all sessions in ProE so it become easy to understand every thing.although i found some software at google and may be soon i will upload some videos.
ok now come to the create helical cut.
step # 1 open your ProE program. select new > solid part (name it “helical_cut”)

step # 2 select front plane and click at sketch

step # 3 click at circle tool and draw a circle of 100 you can see in fig.

step # 4 after sketching click at done button

and the extrude this object by clicking extrude tool.set the extrude length to 200 or what ever you like.its just for practice.Now make solid part of your drawing and then go to insert > helical sweep > cut

the new dialog boxes will open don’t change any thing in begging but when when you hold this command you may vary it as you like.
for sketching profile select  top plane as your working plane.

step # 5 now program will let you in sketching mode.draw profile for helical cut and then draw center line and then press done button .

step # 6 after completing step 5 program a new window will appear in which you have to put pitch for your cut enter it 20 or anything else not so big and not so small.

step # 7 after  this program will let you again in sketching draw the section of your helical this case i draw a circle.remember the diameter of this circle should be less than the pitch value as you can see i put it of 15.

step # 8 after completing  7th step click at done button.and wait to back to the original window.
now you have completed all steps so click at ok button of dialog box

the program will genrate your desired in the following pic..

your feedback is required  to “ME” .

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7 responses to “How to create helical cut in ProE (worm gear)”

  1. Ravindar Avatar

    very very useful. Thanks I need to more.

  2. Saravana Ganesh Avatar
    Saravana Ganesh

    Well explained … Do it more

    1. waqas Ahmad Avatar
      waqas Ahmad

      Thanks Saravana Ganesh. I just need to know if i missed something?

  3. Tseke Sydney Avatar
    Tseke Sydney

    Nevermind, I got now, thanx bru

    1. Waqas Ahmad Avatar

      it is good if you got the answer……….but let me know if i have missed something or may have written wrong?

  4. Tseke Sydney Avatar
    Tseke Sydney

    After step f5 when i try to click the done button, it tells me, ” the sketch is incomplete for the reason shown in the message box”. I don’t see anything anywhere and i did follow your steps

  5. Mandeep Verma Avatar
    Mandeep Verma

    thanks for this wonderful tutorial.

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