In Creo parametric we have some defined shapes, like star, polygons, beam section etc,  that are already ready to sketch. We just need to make few clicks to sketch them. In this tutorial we are going to learn how to sketch that shapes in creo parametric. Let’s start with Palette tool. Open this Cad software and create a new file by following this path file > new> solid part > name it.  Now select the front plane and click at the sketch icon so you can enter into sketching window.

In sketching find and click at the palette icon as shown in fig below.

plattes tool

A new dialog box will open in which you can see four tabs that are labeled as polygons, profiles, shapes, stars. You can browse each tab to find some handy shape that you want to sketch. I used I-profile under the profile’s tab.


Now you can create this profile by two methods. Either you can pick and drag the shape in sketching window or you can double click at the shape to draw it. As soon as you draw the shape this cad software will let you under a new tab labeled as “Rotate Resize”. There you can resize or rotate the drew shape.

To use the drag method, just click at the required shape and hold it. Then move your mouse cursor up to the place, where you want to sketch it, and release the mouse button.

To use double click method first double click at the shape and move the mouse cursor into the sketching window. You will see a “plus” sign under the mouse cursor that indicate the tool is active. Now make a single click at required place and shape will be generated there.

You can move the shape anywhere in sketching window. To move it, notice the “cross sign under a circle” at the center of the shape, just click and hold the button. Now you can move it anywhere you want. You can even rotate it see the top-right corner of the shape the following fig. now click at done button so you can come back under sketching tab.i-profile


In sketching window the above shape will looks like as shown in the fig below. Here you can modify its dimensions without disturbing the shape pattern.i-profile-edit window


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2 responses to “How to use Palette Tool in Creo Parametric”

  1. Roy Tuinila Avatar
    Roy Tuinila

    Using the palette is not easy at all. In other cad programs it takes 3 clicks to get A polygon sized and placed with dimensions that make sense. With Creo it is about 20 or so.

  2. m. Ruosmann Avatar
    m. Ruosmann

    Thanks for info but i have a question. if you klick the command Palette , it opens a dashbord in top auf Monitor how do i use the feld Vertical ,Horizental and Pan ? they are not active.

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