Before going into detail I will assume that you have some basic knowledge  or you have read my previous posts. let’s  start the tutorial. First make a solid rectangle  with dimensions 300×200 using extrude feature. Then make a hole, of diameter 15 as shown in fig below, using extrude solid cut.

circle sketch in table pattern
Fig 1
pattern Menu

Now select the hole and click at pattern tool. In pattern feature menu select the “table” as pattern option.

now you need to select the dimensions those you want to include in pattern table.i will suggest you to selct them by a definite order so you can imagine (where the feature is going to be generate) and edit easily.

First I chose dimension in X-direction than I select dimension in Y-direction and in last I select the diameter of the hole. For your ease  you must double check  the reference of your dimensions. I suggest you to make them referenced from the edges of solid rectangle as shown in fig.1above. Because your fist hole will act as an origin in coordinate plane. All your pattern holes will be referenced from it.


After selecting dimensions you will notice “ edit” button in pattern menu will be active ( as shown in fig.3) so click at edit button it will open a new window. In this window you will see four columns first is dedicated to feature numbers and other three for the dimensions that you have selected. I create eight holes  with coordinates and diameter dimensions as shown in fig can notice I start with number “2” yes it is because we already have placed our first feature (hole).fill the tables as shown in fig and just cross the window. you don’t need to save it this work will be done automatically.

Table Pattern

After crossing the window you will see black dots demonstrating your pattern. Now just click “ok” and your pattern will be generated.

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  1. Revansidha Javalkote Avatar
    Revansidha Javalkote

    Explained very well . We like the method of systematic presentation of all technical parameters.
    Thanking you.

    1. Waqas Ahmad Avatar

      Thank you Revansidha Javalkote

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