In this tutorial we will learn the basic use of Circle and Arc tool in creo parametric sketching. First we will cover Circle tool and then we will cover Arc tool.

sketching ribbon Circle-Arc options

Circle Sketching Tool

In this exercise we will learn, how can we sketch circle with different methods in Creo Parametric. Before moving forward I will suppose you have open creo and currently are in sketching mode. There are four different methods to draw a circle which are listed below:

  • Center and point
  • Concentric
  • 3-points
  • 3 tangent


Center and point Circle

To draw circle using this option, select the center and point circle option under circle sketch tool menu and click at the location where you want to place the center and just take the mouse cursor as much away from that point as much big you want the circle to be. One thing you must notice is the cursor after selecting the circle option. You will see a “x” sign under it.

Concentric Circle

This option is used when we want to draw more than 1 circle with a same center point. To use this option first, you must have to create a circle (we have already drew it in previous exercise). Then choose the “concentric” option and select the previously drawn circle. after this move mouse cursor away and you will notice new circle being drawn. result will be same if you select center of previously drawn circle rather then circle itself.

3 Point Circle

As the name suggest, it will be a circle that will pass through three points that you will define. For practice, select the 3 point option then click anywhere within sketching plan. Then again click anywhere for second point. Now a circle will appear waiting for your third click.

3 Tangents Circle

To make use of this option you will need to have three curves/ circle so you can make their tangent. So first create three circles at different location and of different sizes.

After this select the 3 tangents option and click at first circle. After this when you will move the cursor you will notice a line following your cursor. You need to place this line at 2nd circle. So just click at second circle and then at third.

Here your exercise the use of Circle Tool is completed and now we will move towards Arc tool.

The Arc tool

Arcs can be sketched in different ways (Similar to circle Tool) in Creo Parametric. First let me listed all ways and then we will start understanding each one by one.

  • 3-point / tangent End
  • Center and End
  • 3 Tangents
  • Concentric
  • Conic

3-point / tangent End Arc

As name suggest you need to draw three points at different locations to make this type of Arc. After selecting the tool you will need to make start point by clicking in sketching window then you will have to make the end point. The third point will specify the size of Arc. So after making start and end points move the cursor away from points and you will see a dynamic arc generated.


Center and Ends Arc

This can also be a 3 point arc but the difference comes in third point. Here third point ( that will be actually first) will lie at the center while in 3-point options it lies on to the Arc. To draw center ends arc first you will have to specify the center by making a click at desired location, then move the cursor away and create the start point by clicking at desired location. After this, click for the end point at specified arc length to complete your arc. See the following fig ( left to right in sequence )

center-ends arcs

3 Tangents Arc

To use this option we need three curves/ entities so we can have their tangents. I create a triangle for this purpose (don’t worry about the dimensions you can create it of any size). After this select the 3-tangents option under arc menu and then select one side of triangle by clicking on it. Then select the second line as you see in the fig (left) below. As soon as you select the second side, an arc will appear. Now you need to select the third side to complete the Arc see the fig (right) below.

3 tangents arc in creo elements pro sketch

Concentric Arc

To draw this arc you need to have a curve, with some center point. I use the circle for this purpose. Now select the Concentric arc option under arc menu and then select the circle or the curve that you have sketched for this purpose. Now you will see a doted circle will appear see in fig (left) below and now you need to make start and End points for your arc, Just as you did in 3-point-arc option. You can create as many concentric arcs as you want. This is the same procedure that we have already used in circle sketching tutorial concentric arcs sketch

Conic Arc

You can frankly define it a loosely constrained arc. Because it will not have any proper radius. To create it, first select the conic arc option under arc tool menu. now you need to define two points, with some distance apart, so click at two different location in Skecthing window and your arc will appear. To place this arc in sketch first make it reasonable in size by moving the mouse cursor away and then make third click to place it.


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