Today we will try to use and learn some basics of creo elements pro assembly. During making constrains you will have numerous options to place a part with in the assembly, Such as the same part (if it is fixed) can be placed either by default constraint or by user defined. In second option you still has option to place a part with reference to the old axis or coordinate system or you can create new set of planes.

In this tutorial the constraints, that I have used , they were my choice you can get the same result by different method. But you must care for parent and child relation or dependent and independent relation between parts.

As in case “base_sheet.prt” this part will be used to hold the overall engine so considered it as a parent part of the assembly.  All other motion of engine including the motion of displacer and piston will be dependent of this because this part will provide the reference to moving parts.

So the files and a tutorial video are ready for you. Download the files see the video and try to practice it .After getting skills you can even modify it (this will we do in analyzing the engine)


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