How to use pattern feature in ProE using axis

first of all make a solid disk in proE. Use its dia to 100 and extrude length equal to 30.
you can take your own parameters for this. I am giving this dimensions  just for demonstration.
after making disk use hole tool to make a hole in this disk. you may check it here how to use hole feature in proE
set hole dai to 10 and offset distance from each plane to 30 as shown in fig.hole depth is upto you .

After making hole in disk select the hole so it become red highlighted.
when you do this pattern tool also become active for this feature just like this.

now click at pattern tool  and set the parameters as shown below.

well choose axis option from dashboard as shown above and the select the axis of your 360 rotation option and set total number of holes to be 10.and press done button……
now your disk will look like this.

if you want to add another rotation of holes then before clicking at done button see  the option very next to the 360 rotation option.set number of rotations to 2.

now when you active this option you will see black dots that are going outside from our disk. to make them within disk just put the radial distance value to ” -12 ” so black dots will become with in the press done button.and your disk look as this is..


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