These points are summary of design fatigue to give you a short over view about fatigue design consideration.  This study is important because nearly 3 % of a countries income invested in the fatigue failure. The broad study will be posted later to give you better understanding about fatigue. 1. The most common cause of […]

Introduction to Die casting

Investment casting uses a pattern that may be made from wax, plastic, or other material.After the mold is made, the pattern is melted out. Thus a mechanized method of casting a great many patterns is necessary. The mold material is dependent upon the melting point of the cast metal. Thus a plaster mold can be […]

Engine Performance Parameters

Every one of you know how many different engine have been invented but all these engines have some very basic parameters to measure their efficiency regardless they type. some of them i have listed here Indicated thermal efficiency It is the ratio of enegry in indicated power to the input fuel energy its formula is […]

Cutting Fluid selection criteria

Choosing the right metalworking fluid for your operation can be confusing and time consuming. To select a fluid for your application, advantages and disadvantages of metalworking fluid products should be compared through review of product literature, supplier information, and usage history. Product performance information shared by other machine shops is another means of narrowing choices. […]

Properties a cutting Fluid should have

In addition to providing a good machining environment, a cutting fluid should also function safely and effectively during machining operations.  Corrosion Protection Cutting fluids must offer some degree of corrosion protection. Freshly cut ferrous metals tend to rust rapidly since any protective coatings have been removed by the machining operation. A good metalworking fluid will […]

Cutting Fluid Applications and Functions

Cutting fluid may be applied to a cutting tool/workpiece interface through manual, flood or mist application. Manual application simply consists of an operator using a container, such as an oil can, to apply cutting fluid to the cutting tool/workpiece. Although this is the easiest and least costly method of fluid application, it has limited use […]

An introduction to Cutting Fluids

Cutting fluids have been used extensively in metal cutting operations for the last 200 years. In the beginning, cutting fluids consisted of simple oils applied with brushes to lubricate and cool the machine tool. Occasionally, lard, animal fat or whale oil were added to improve the oil’s lubricity. As cutting operations became more severe, cutting […]

Free Winter Webinar Series at Stanford university

Escape Velocity Webinar: Portfolio Management in an Age of Disruptive Innovation November 28, 2012 | 9:00am Pacific Acclaimed author, recognized business adviser and speaker to Cisco, HP, Microsoft and Yahoo!, Geoffrey Moore leads a discussion on how mainstream adoption of technology challenges companies to seek breakout growth and innovation. Essential to any working professional, Moore […]

CAD modeling of flywheel of Stirling Engine

Today we are going to make the CAD model of engine fly wheel  and drawing sheet of  the generator driver  will given at the end of the post that is left for you as an exercise. So let’s start the lesson. First step is to open creo Parametric Second step is: select the top plane […]