Pattern in Creo Parametric is a versatile tool because it can make your designing process very easy and efficient. with just a few clicks we can create bunch of features in our design. In creo parametric we use pattern feature in different ways. we can use a single pattern type or a combination of different types in our part design. Each of them are explained below:

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Dimension Pattern in Creo Parametric

in this tool first you are required to select all the dimensions on which you want to apply pattern. it may be in rotational, axial, distance from a side or any other dimension that may appear on the part. the best of this tool is to make a sequential features in a part or assembly the detail tutorial can be read in Dimension Pattern tutorial

Axis Pattern in Creo Parametric

Axis Pattern in Creo Parametric is simplest pattern type. it makes pattern about an axis of the given part or selected axis of the part.  it’s name is itself well explanatory. let’s start it’s exercise. you can read complete tutorial of Axis pattern in creo by visiting this link.

Direction Pattern In Creo Parametric

the concept in Direction Pattern In Creo Parametric is  you have to give a reference side of your part and than you have to give the distance that should be placed between the two features of pattern.

You can read complete guide for direction pattern

Fill option

do you want to fill  a surface with holes? if yes then this will work fine for you. it is not so different from direction tool and can be used for variety of features.

Table Pattern

This tool will suite best if you know the exact location of a feature ( with in a coordinate system) reference to some point or location. this will surely reduce the your time that can be used to create the features separately. full tutorial can be read in Table Pattern tutorial.

Curve Pattern


As the name suggest this tool will generate features at a curve, you have drawn earlier, or it will follow the curve. if you want some complex pattern on your part then this will help you a lot. full tutorial can be read in Curve Pattern tutorial

Point Pattern


using this tool  you can genrate a feature at any location on your part. this make it restrictive for beginner but can work better for expert. you can read its basic in Point Pattern tutorial 

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