Circle Command Select the circle tool by clicking the circle button with cursor or write the “c” in the command window and press enter. There are 6 different options to draw the circle which are in the following.   Center, Radius:          first select the center radius circle drawing option. Then select the center of the […]

Starting Guide to AutoCAD and its Introduction

CAD(Computer Aided Drafting) is the technique to draw the Engineering drawings by using computer software. Comparatively CAD is very fruit full in the field of drafting with respect to the handmade drawing by using physical tools. There are different kind of Engineering Drafting Software for different kind of Engineering and AutoCAD in one of them […]

Structural Beam Analysis in Ansys APDL

  Let’s solve a structural beam analysis problem. Suppose there is a cantilever beam. It is attached to wall at one end while other end is free. Problem Diagram is shown above. Other details are also written along the diagram. A force is applied on it with a magnitude of 1500N downwards. A support is […]

General Algorithm in ANSYS APDL

Let’s define a general algorithm through which every design have to go through for its analysis. We will take a quick review of almost all the steps required for analysis in ANSYS APDL. ANSYS APDL requires certain information about the model and analysis to be made. All requirements can be defined in three section. Preprocessor […]

A short introduction to ANSYS

In today’ world, where time is very influential in project planning and iterative calculations. Prototype experiments charges time, money, accuracy and effort of many intellectuals. Simulations or computer aided design comes in to sort these thing up. ANSYS is one those tools which are currently used with a lot of applications which have significant impacts […]

Steam Turbine Lubricating oil Characteristics

Mostly turbine of steam power plant may have its rotational 3000 rpm to produce required power. Due to friction the temperature of bearing, rotor may increase which, combined with other factors, may leads to the failure of bearing hence produce a serious damage to turbine and plant. Plant stability, production depends on the turbine and […]

Introduction to rotary seal and their selection creteria

Sealing of rotary shafts covers a very wide range of equipment and applications including domestic equipment, all types of automotive and power plant machinery, industrial pumps, aircraft gas turbines, power generation turbines and large industrial and pipeline compressors. Each application presents an individual set of demands based around the space, weight, price and reliability demands […]

How to make Piston in Creo Parametric

After completing this tutorial you will get the final form of piston as shown in following figure. Create datum axis of piston cylinder. Select the right and front plane while creating the datum axis and name it as cylinder-axis.  Create the datum axis and use top and right plane to create it and name it […]

Complete Guide to use Pattern tool in Creo Parametric/ Pro Engineer

Pattern tool in Creo Parametric is a versatile tool because it can make your designing process very easy and efficient. with just few clicks we can create bunch of features in our design. In creo parametric we use pattern feature in different ways. we can use a single pattern tool or a combination of different […]