CAD modeling of flywheel of Stirling Engine

Today we are going to make the CAD model of engine fly wheel  and drawing sheet of  the generator driver  will given at the end of the post that is left for you as an exercise. So let’s start the lesson.

First step is to open creo Parametric

Second step is: select the top plane and go into sketching window. There draw a sketch as shown in fig below.  The red spot in the fig shows the point of join with axis.

wheel initial sketch


Third step:  make a center line  overlapping the horizontal axis and then  select the all lines that you have created and click at mirror button.

it will ask you to select the reference line. for this purpose you need to select the center line that you have created just before it. now your skecth should looks like as shown the following fig. now click ok.


Fourth step:  now you need to use revolve tool to revolve this sketch and press ok.


Step Five: now select the middle flat base area  and go into sketching window by clicking extrude button. there draw a circle as shown in fig below. and click ok.


now in extrude menu use extrude cut to remove the material and make a hole. after this use pattern tool to make 4 holes that are at equal angle apart.

in last your final part will looks like as shown in this last image

As this CAD modeling is for learning purpose so I will ignore some of the engineering aspects in beginning. But later on during advanced CAD modeling we will keep Engineering design aspects in our mind. Till now we are learning some basics of this CAD software Creo Parametric.

Now as an excrcise you need to make a CAD model of generator driver. A piece of its drawing is attached.

whole drawing sheet can be downloaded by clicking the following link.

Download Drawing sheet

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