How to use pattern feature in ProE using Direction

To try this tutorial , first  make a rectangle with dimension 200 length , 100 width. you may choose your own but for this tutorial use above mentioned dimensions.

after making solid rectangle  make a hole using Hole Tool. Make the offset distance to be at 10 from each wall (upper and right) and set hole dia to 10 as shown below.

Now  select the hole so it turn red highlighted and pattern tool become active.
click at pattern tool  and from tool menu select direction program will ask you direction reference.To make this click at the side as shown in fig below (red highlighted ) make number of holes 10 and set the distance between the hole to be can change the direction of pattern holes by placing “-ve” sign with the distance between hole.
now we want to make this rectangle with full of holes.
click at “2-select an item” , in above fig i already have selected an edge so you can see 1Edge in 2nd reference box.when you click at this box then you have to again select a reference.for this purpose select the side edge as shown in fig and make number of holes to “5” and set the distance  b/w the holes to be 20.when you done this you part will look like this fig. if you want to exclude any hole then just click at black dot , which is at your desired location, it turns to white means it is excluded.
now everything has done so press done button and you part will look like as shown in start of this tutorial.

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