Up-till now i have explained some basics of  CAD software Creo. From now  onward i will suppose that you have read all my earlier posts that are covering the basic use of the tools in creo. Let’s start our today’s lesson. Before starting let me show you how our CAD model of piston will look like.

Make a sketch of circle of diameter 3.85 units at top plane and extrude it up to 2 units.

After this select a cross-sectional surface of this cylindrical part and sketch a circle of diameter 3.45 units. After making this use Extrude-cut   remove the material up to the depth 1.5 units. This will make the CAD model a hollow cylinder.


Now select the other surface and go into sketching window to make a small circle at the center of the part. The circle diameter is 0.5 units. After this use extrude cut again to make a hole here.


Now we have to draw a little long and hollow rod at the inner surface of piston. This rod will be used to connect the piston with connecting rod. So select the inner surface of piston and make circles of diameters 0.7 and 1.5 (as shown in fig below) and extrude this sketch up to the length 7.5 units.

Now we need to make a bore at the end of above rod. First we need to make a datum plane so select the right plane (as in my case) and make a datum plane that is 0.75 units away from the right plane.


Now select this datum plane and sketch a circle of diameter 0.70 units and at a distance shown in fig below.

After this use extrude cut option to make a bore. Remember extrude depth should be of 0.30 units. Consider the following fig for this purpose.

After this use mirror option to make other bore at other side of the rod. Now your CAD model of beta stirling engine Piston is complete.


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  1. nilesh jethava Avatar

    plz sir,muje ek ya do project chahiye

    1. Waqas Ahmad Avatar

      would you please specify them. May be i can help you.

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